Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business. Without one, your efforts to attract customers are likely to be haphazard and inefficient. The focus of your strategy should be making sure that your products and services meet customer needs and developing long-term and profitable relationships with those customers. To achieve this, you will need to create a flexible strategy that can res


Hotel giant Hilton recently dropped the H from its rewards program, replacing the linguistically puzzling Hilton HHonors with an easier to pronounce version, Hilton Honors. The change is more than cosmetic. The new rewards program will be the first in the industry to allow members to combine points and money for a hotel visit. Members can also combine points with friends or family members for free

Advantages of Brand Extensions

Brand extension is a marketing strategy to introduce a new product with a well-developed brand using the same brand name in different product categories. Brand use this strategy to capitalize visibility and leverage equity. A new product introduced as a brand extension may take some advantages, one of them is to increase acceptance. For example, Snickers Ice Cream Bars are a brand extension of the

Austrian, Danish Banks Ink Long-Awaited Contracts with Iran

Oberbank, Austria’s seventh-biggest bank, with a balance sheet of roughly 20 billion euros ($24 billion), signed the deal with 14 Iranian banks at its headquarters in Linz. The move was groundbreaking particularly given that many banks – particularly those from Europe – are still standing away from Iran’s funding prospects over fears that they may fall afoul of remaining US sanctions against the I

۶ Tactics That Turn a Blog into a Business Engine

Somewhere, a business owner is writing a blog post. She writes the headline first, pens a killer introduction, and makes her point with 892 carefully crafted words. Satisfied, she hits “Publish” and waits for fortune to arrive with a roll of $100 bills in one hand and a book deal in the other. This is the legend of the lone blogger who climbs the mountain of success one post at a time. I’m not goi